MooRER is an Italian clothing brand. They make exclusive garments for every man who goes for a stylish but above all modern look. MooRER takes art as its starting point, and is in search of beauty and harmony, the Italian clothing brand wants to be detached from the fashion of the moment but constantly in an evolution. At HS fashion you can find the latest collection of MooRER.

Doriani Cashmere

Doriani Cashmere is an Italian clothing brand that began in the 1930s. It started as a family business with a core business of manufacturing belts. When the next generation took charge, the brand expanded to include many different clothes, and by the 1970s it began to focus solely on clothing. Doriani Cashmere focuses primarily on menswear and its collection today includes sweaters, jackets, pantaloons, shoes and accessories. The clothing is made primarily of cashmere. The menswear of Doriani Cashmere is still made in their own factory in Italy.


Hogan is an Italian clothing brand founded in the 1980s. It began then as a shoe brand and has now grown into a brand with a full-fledged clothing line. The Hogan brand works with leading designers to create a unique and stylish collection. At HS fashion, we offer the Hogan line of shoes. Hogan’s timeless shoes are suitable for every day or special occasions. Are you curious about the Hogan shoe collection at HS fashion? Make an appointment and come visit us at de Lichttoren 10 in Eindhoven. Our experts are here to help you find the best shoe for you!


Santoni is an Italian shoe brand that exists since 1975 and was founded by Andrea Santoni. Quality is a high priority for the Italian shoe brand. The shoes are all handmade and come with a personal certificate. Santoni as a brand wants to show their Italian creativity and craftsmanship to the whole world. Despite the old-fashioned craftsmanship, the Italian brand does move with the times with their current style and perfect quality. Santoni has a very extensive collection of shoes. Take a look at HS fashion at de Lichttoren 10 in Eindhoven For our entire Santoni collection!

Pal Zileri

The Italian menswear brand Pal Zileri specializes in formal and informal men’s clothing. The brand was founded in 1980 by Gianfranco Barizz and Aronne Miola. Pal Zileri has a wide range of fabrics that are used to make the best tailored suits for men. All men’s suits can be made custom made. This ensures exclusive quality and service. Pal Zileri’s collection at HS Fashion consists of tailored suits, jackets and coats.

HS Fashion

We are HS Fashion. An exclusive menswear store in Eindhoven, focusing on Italian designer labels.

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